Solid & Simple

The Nectre Baker’s Oven sits beautifully in either a traditional home or a contemporary setting. A clean simple design that really works.

The Nectre Baker’s Oven is made in Australia, with Australian iron and steel*. Both doors are cast-iron and the body of the stove is thick mild steel, laser cut and precision welded at Pecan Engineering Pty Ltd, Australia.

Back in the 1980’s the Nectre Baker’s Oven was originally designed as a community project for the Aborigines in the outback settlements of Australia. In these settlements there was no gas or electricity for cooking and open-fires were inefficient and dangerous due to smoke inhalation and fire risks. The design had to be compact, fully functional as a cooker and oven, and simple to repair out in the sticks. Since then the Nectre Baker’s Oven has been refined some what for the wider Australian and world-wide market, but those core design principles still hold true.

The Nectre Baker’s Oven is now sold in Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

*Australia is the world’s second largest exporter of iron ore. The environmental impact of shipping finished stoves from Australia is less than shipping iron ore to China or Europe for smelting and steel production.