FAQs & Tips

How long has the Nectre Baker’s Oven been made?
For over 20 years, the Nectre Baker’s Oven has a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Many are going strong decades later.

Why does the Nectre Baker’s Oven work so well?
The Nectre Baker’s Oven has the firebox at the top vs the bottom. This provides a responsive cooktop, and an oven evenly heated by the flue gases passing around it. This mode of operation is similar to some more expensive, larger range cookers.

Can I fit a Nectre Baker’s Oven to my chimney?
Normally a chimney will need a flue liner as ANY stove’s flue characteristics are different from an open fire, because the flue gases are slower and cooler. This is due to greater efficiencies in the stove. The cooler, slower flue gases can cause chimney condensation and possible leeching of chimney deposits (creosote) through the brick work. All stove installations must be either signed off by building control or are installed by a qualified HETAS installer who can self certificate the installation. Nectre (UK) recommend your Nectre Baker’s Oven installation is performed by a suitably qualified local fitter e.g. HETAS registered (UK), who will adhere to local regulations and ensure it’s correct and safe.

Is the Nectre Baker’s Oven too big/powerful for my room/house?
This depends on insulation levels and the configuration of your home e.g. during typical operation can excess heat escape to the remainder of the house? Is the staircase close to the heated room? The Nectre Baker’s Oven can heat up to 90m², so can help make a dent in your central heating bill.

Does the Nectre Baker’s Oven have a back-boiler version?
Yes, but it’s not CE tested (costs rather than technical problems) and is not available in the UK/EU. In the interim, Nectre (UK) offer the Charnwood Flue-boiler option, which works effectively and doesn’t alter the burn characteristics of the firebox/stove. It’s also easier to retro-fit.

What are the clearance distances for the Nectre Baker’s Oven?
Please refer to the installation instructions at the bottom of the Nectre Baker’s Oven page. This states requirements that are EU specific and are slightly different from other countries e.g. Australia.

Is the Nectre Baker’s Oven DEFRA Approved for a smoke exempt area?
Currently the Nectre Baker’s Oven is NOT approved for smoke exempt areas (typically big cities). Nectre (UK) is working with Australia and plans to perform the appropriate testing and obtain certification. Please enquire for further information and latest status.

Can the Nectre Baker’s Oven do more than heat and cook? TIPHotSmokedSalmon
Thanks to a creative recent customer, Mr & Mrs Smith. They discovered you could hot smoke food in the oven. The secret is to get the oven up to temperature as normal. Then during a re-fuelling cycle, remove the bottom oven trap door (carefully, as it will be hot), close the oven door, then throw on some oak or beech chips to the fire, and hot smoke your food in the oven.

Is the Nectre Baker’s Oven thermometer accurate? TIP
The built-in oven thermometer is just a guide of the oven temperature. Typically it measures approx 60°C lower than the real temperature in the centre of the oven. To have an accurate oven temperature Nectre (UK) recommend you use an internal oven thermometer. Alternatively, as you gain the art of cooking with wood, you just use the built-in thermometer as a guide.

What fuel can I put in the Nectre Baker’s Oven?
The Nectre Baker’s Oven is only certificated for burning wood and the design of the stove is really optimised for wood. It can also burn peat, as it has similar characteristics to wood, but it must be dry and started with some wood, and avoid stoking/disturbing the burning peat.

How often do I need to clean the Nectre Baker’s Oven flue ways?
Depending on the quality (dry and well seasoned) and type of wood burned in the Nectre Baker’s Oven will dictate the cleaning frequency. Typically, with daily use, every month to six weeks when the stove is cool, the trap door in the bottom of the oven should be lifted out and any soot sitting in the bottom should be swept up and disposed of (great in the garden and around rose bushes).

How do I clean the side flue ways of the Nectre Baker’s Oven? TIP
The side flue ways of the Nectre Baker’s Oven are quite narrow and to keep the oven performing tip-top, it’s good to give these flue-ways a tickle prior to collecting the soot at the bottom. We’ve found the “Hills flue brush 3ft x 3inch” works a treat. It looks just like a 3 foot bottle brush!

Is the Nectre Baker’s Oven available throughout the EU/Scandinavia?
The Nectre Baker’s Oven passed all the appropriate EU standards to be CE badged and is available for sale in many EU countries e.g. UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece etc. However, several EU and Scandinavian countries have extra standards and requirements, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.